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Note: By placing an order you are stating that you want to book us; and will make a 25.00 per person assigned to the move within 3 days of the scheduled move. The downpayment is subtracted off the total bill. Must send as payment owed on the payment form.

When sending a down payment, you must send it as Personal Service as Money Owed.

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We wrap your possessions to ensure they stay safe and clean.
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Random Customer Testimonials

Muscleformoves worked out great for my move. cory., matt and mark were awesome. i really appreciated the job they did and how professional and pleasant they were. they treated me like a customer expects and when called upon a second time, accomodated me and went above and beyond. why struggle trying to do it yourself when you can hire great people like this? thanks guys!! reasonable rates too.
JEN KOHLER, Unspecified, US

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