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5 Star Moving Application

If you are the type of moving company that likes to grab all the work before anyone else even sees the job. This section is for you. This is for 5 star moving only. When you join the crew of 5 star Moving with MFM you get to pick what jobs you want to service. The jobs are not leads these are booked jobs. You can grab the jobs before others even know it is booked. Once you join the 5 star moving of MFM you will get an email or text of all jobs within your service area. MFM does not overload an area with moving companies therefore you get good quality customers and moves. If you are not on the 5 Star Moving with MFM and just the standard MFM company then the left over jobs are pased down to the standard members of MFM.

The cost to join the 5 Star Moving of MFM is 9.95 a month or a yearly cost of 85.00 which saves you money. One job will pay for the entire year of the membership. Act now and join before you area gets closed for new memberships. Again you get 1st pick on all jobs booked in your area. MFM does book jobs nationwide.

Instructions: Fill out the form below to register your company. After we review your information, we will contact you as soon as possible.

5 Star Moving Application
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Random Customer Testimonials

I have used Corey 3 times to move and he and his crew are always on time, professional and go above and beyond for the customer. I had an emergency move yesterday and Corey arranged to help after he had already finished for the day. They set up our sons bed when the did not have too. Thats what you want in a company. Moving is one of the most stressful events and they make it so much easier!!!!
Bob , York, Pa

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